Cairo Day Tours from the Airport

Cairo Day Tours from the Airport

If you travel to Egypt and have transit or a layover in Cairo, then our blend of Cairo day tours from the airport is the way to explore Cairo attractions in a limited time. You can book the famous Giza Pyramids tour to see the amazing Pyramids of Egypt in Giza and the Great Sphinx, you can mix this trip with a tour to Memphis city, and Saqqara Necropolis to see the 1st stone pyramid in the history of Mankind, the Step Pyramid of King Djoser.

Tour the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and enjoy a blissful time in one of the oldest markets in the Middle East known as Khan El-Khalili Bazaar and get souvenirs to remind you of your awesome time spent during your Egypt excursions.

Cairo Layover Tours

You can have a Coptic Cairo tour to wander in the holy place where Jesus Christ and Saint Mary took refuge while exploring the ancient monasteries and churches like the famous Hanging Church and the Ben Ezra Synagogue, one of the fewest and earliest Jewish worship places in  Egypt.

The Islamic Cairo tour is not to be missed during your best tours in Cairo, as you can see the aged mosques and buildings from the dawn of the Islamic conquest of Egypt. Visit the Saladin Citadel and the famous Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali Basha inside, the Sultan Hassan Mosque and earliest Islamic schools in Egypt, Al Azhar Mosque, and many more during your Cairo layover transit tour.