Best Tours in Cairo-Day Trips from Cairo

Best Tours in Cairo

Discover the best tours in Cairo while having a short stay or Cairo stopover, Maat Travel will handle any day trips from Cairo to Alexandria or inside the city that never sleeps, the shining capital of Egypt. Tour the Giza Pyramids and the Great Sphinx, the man-headed lion figure said to be the figure of King Khafra "Chephren" where the 4th dynasty king built his middle pyramid, or combine a visit to the ancient city of Memphis to witness the tallest statue for King Ramses II, along with the Saqqara necropolis where the Step Pyramid of King Djoser was built as one of the earliest attempts of building a burial tomb taking the shape of a pyramid.

Day Trips from Cairo

You can visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo downtown as well as the very interesting Coptic Cairo tour, or you can even take a blissful walking tour in Cairo to see the most ancient Islamic Cairo monuments during Egypt Day Tours.

Be among the first who will visit the new Grand Egyptian Museum to witness the place housing the biggest number of monuments from the pre-historic era, pharaonic era's old kingdom, middle kingdom, new kingdom, and the Ptolemaic period of Egypt history.